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We recently worked with the mediation center to help roll out a new performance review program that we were providing training on to our Supervisory employees. The staff at the center did a great job demonstrating to our Managers about effective communication, different styles of communication and barriers that block sound communication attempts. The center was most professional in their approach and incorporated a few role playing techniques that really allowed our Managers to grasp a greater concept of their communication style when they interact with employees.

Cheryl McCartney
Manager of Human Resources
Marshall & Sterling Insurance

Because of the Mediation Center, my stressful situation was made bearable. The staff and mediator made me feel comfortable during a difficult time. I feel good knowing that I have access to this type of help right in my community.

Family Mediation Client

My experience with the Mediation Center has been in the context of guardianship matters.  Your mediator skillfully provided a framework in which the opposing parties could safely express their views, frustrations, anger, fears, sorrows.  At the conclusion of the mediation process, the parties still proceeded to court to effectuate the guardianship. Many court appearances and meetings of counsel followed, but we had the benefit of having agreed upon certain key points during mediation, and, at least from my perspective, we also had a greater awareness of the parties’ positions.

Shari Hubner, Esq.
Elder Law Attorney

Thanks again for a very informative and practical class. I gave a 
debriefing of all that I learned and my principal is very interested in starting a transformative mediation center within our school. She had the vision that it will be staff and students alike that will run it.

35 hour Basic Transformative
Mediation Training

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire staff of the Mediation Center of Dutchess County for the fine work you did with respect to a recent matter. As you may recall, I represented a party in a lawsuit that started in over a decade ago and involved an aggregate amount, including interest, exceeding $1 million. When the court rules required a good-faith attempt to discuss settlement, with consent from my adversary, I contacted your firm. We arranged for a mediation to take place with counsel present. Within two hours, we were able to come to a resolution primarily because, through patient inquiry, we were able to discover certain facts which were previously unknown by the parties. With that misunderstanding now rectified, the parties were then able to settle the case expeditiously.

Warren Wynshaw, Esq.

Really enjoyed the entire experience. I know it sounds corny, but It still is pretty amazing to me how even in the role plays, that you experience why the tranformative model works. I look forward to offering whatever support I can in the future.

John Tolliver
35 hour Basic Transformative
Mediation Training