Mediation is a process where participants can express concerns, address challenges, and explore solutions within a conflict. A neutral third party, or mediator, will support the conversation with safety and confidentiality. The mediators will guide the conversation, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be heard, respected, and empowered to make their own decisions. 

At MCDC, we practice transformative mediation, an approach that prioritizes your voice and ability to make choices.

Why should I consider mediation?

Unlike other forms of litigation or court, mediation gives people in conflict the power of choice. In mediation, you are free to talk about issues that are important to you.  Whether or not you come to an agreement is voluntary. You can identify your needs, priorities, and values. You can decide how to move through conflict.

Some people choose mediation for privacy reasons. Some choose mediation because it’s less expensive and time-consuming. Some will choose mediation because they want to strengthen relationships, not sever them. In any case, we’re here to help!

What should I expect?

Mediation fosters conversation that’s collaborative, equitable, and unique to the people involved. Depending on the kind of conflict you’re experiencing, the process will be a little bit different. 

If you’d like to explore if mediation is right for you, you can begin here with our quiz.

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