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Workplace Services


"This training reminded me to listen more fully and to not identify with a concern or problem or offer advice until I have thoroughly listened."

"I liked most that this training was interactive…"

"Role playing helps you work out a situation."

"Took away some good information and new ideas! Very well done."

"Very helpful…would like our supervisors to have on-going training…"

How much does conflict in the workplace really cost?

Everyone knows how difficult it is to be productive and enjoy work when conflict is left unaddressed. The Mediation Center’s Workplace Services can help. Whether through mediation between two employees, training that improves communication or facilitation for a meeting, conflict can be managed more effectively, people feel better and productivity increases.

Workplace services include:

  • Mediation between employees, supervisors, and others,
  • Conflict resolution and communication training for managers and employees,
  • Facilitating meetings and retreats,
  • Providing team development to support constructive interaction in a department, unit, or throughout the organization.

What types of organizations have used the Mediation Center’s Workplace Services?
Some of the organizations that have worked with the Mediation Center include:

  • Town boards,
  • Corporate Supervisors,
  • College employees,
  • School academic departments,
  • Large and mid-size non-profits,
  • Political groups,
  • School administration.

What types of services have been provided?
A few examples of the Center’s Workplace Services include:

  • Communicating Effectively in the Workplace,
  • Facilitating a Team Meeting,
  • Mediation between employees in the same department,
  • Conflict Resolution Training for Staff,
  • Mediation between people within the same political group
  • Facilitating a town board’s internal planning meeting

How do I learn more about workplace services?
Contact the Mediation Center to talk with a staff person about your goals. A confidential meeting can be set up to further explore and design services to meet your organization’s needs.

How much do workplace services cost?
Fees are charged on an hourly basis. Contact the Center for more information.