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Family Mediation

"I didn’t realize how my son felt about things. It feels like a burden has been lifted since we had the chance to mediate."

"When it came to talking to my ex about the kids, all we did was fight. In mediation, we worked out a schedule that works for both of us."

"After we separated, talking about child support was impossible. We talked more in one mediation session than we had in years."

"It felt like my mother listened to me for the first time since we started arguing."

How Family Mediation Works

In mediation people can:

  • decide and prioritize what issues they need to discuss,
  • make decisions about what to do about the situation,
  • develop understanding of other points of view,
  • create written agreements when needed.

Mediation provides a forum for people to have face-to-face conversations about the issues important to them. It is a voluntary and confidential process that can help families have difficult conversations that are facilitated by an impartial mediator. Mediation helps communication and supports the parties own decision-making.

Based on decisions reached during mediation, a written agreement can be created and a copy provided to all parties, Family Court, or other agencies (if pending). Agreements are only written when all parties have decided they would like one.

Common Issues for Mediation

Typical issues that parents who are apart and parents and teens discuss in mediation are:

  • Custody, visitation and child support,
  • Parenting issues,
  • School issues,
  • Curfew and chores,
  • Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin the mediation process?
Contact the Mediation Center for a private, in-person, confidential intake appointment. A staff member will meet with all parties to learn more about the situation and explain how mediation works in more depth. Mediation is provided when all parties have decided that they want to schedule a session.

Who are the mediators?
Family mediators are professionally trained staff and volunteers that have received extensive training in mediating with parents who are apart and parents/grandparents and teens.

How much does mediation cost?
Family mediation is provided on a sliding fee scale, based on each party’s individual income.