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Mediation Center holds Volunteer Mediator Appreciation and Graduation

The Mediation Center of Dutchess County held its annual Mediator Appreciation andGraduation on June 1 at Bowdoin Park.  Volunteer mediators who completed theirapprenticeship received their certificates from Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Justice, Village/Town of Red Hook and Mentor Mediators, Barbra Cockerham and MaryMulligan.  Mediators who were certified include Claudia Abbot Barish, Deirdre Burns,Susan Cary, Brian Coswell, Bernard Daisley, Jennifer Guzzardi, Love Kumayi, JenniferO’Neill Brennan,

Elyse Reisenauer, Miesha Rodriguez and Sophia Wallach. Mediatorsrecognized for years of service included Dr. Karen Blonder, 10 years, Beth Fargis-Lancaster, 15 years and Bob Grossman, with 20 years.  Mediators Judy Roenick andLynne Martin received special recognition for their work assisting with other MediationCenter programs.  More than 35 volunteer mediators actively serve on the MediationCenter’s roster, mediating business, family, agricultural, special education, andorganizational/workplace disputes.  For more information about services, contact theMediation Center at 845-471-7213.